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“Shout” “Outs”

January 26, 2010

I have a somewhat limiting formula with this blog.  I have to rack my brain every week to come up with some sort of alternative-cycling-related “concept” or “phenomena.”  Usually I fail and either don’t post anything at all, or just re use the same joke over and over.

Blogging would probably be a breeze if all I had to do was find pretty things and tell you where to buy them. Unfortunately, that’s not my lot in life.

Once in awhile, though, I feel – either out of guilt or genuine approval – the need to “shout” “out” some “homies.”  So since these “shout” “outs” don’t really fit my format, I’m going to try to just pack in a bunch at a time.  Maybe I’ll do this periodically when I have no content and/or when I burn with guilt.

Without further delay, I’d like to endorse the following products/people/organizations:



Bouré is Ned Overend‘s clothing company.  They make rad gear that’s as good as anything Italian, but cheaper and made in Durango-er.  They run the gamut of clothing, from wool everything (check out their belgian cap), to winter onesies, and all of the standard clothing you’d expect.

It ain’t exactly Rapha (they certainly don’t have the graphic designers or photographers), but I personally love the looks of their clothes, and have been lusting after this jersey and this vest (in blue).  The solid slabs of primary colors remind me of the 90s-era Bellweather cycling gear that I’m always searching for on ebay and in Boulder thrift stores.

Why would anyone buy a $270 jersey from the douchiest website in America, when you can buy a much better looking, and probably warmer $90 jersey from one of the least douchey cyclists in American history?

(feel free to send me some stuff to test, Ned.  I’m 5’8, 135lb)

Speaking of Durango cycling gear, have you seen this shit?!


Republic of Doom

Dr. Doom, as far as I can tell, is part of a crew of people in Durango that look like they’re having way more fun than your average cyclist.  I started hearing about Doom during the run-up to the 2009 Single Speed Worlds in Durango.  Then I heard that him and his Durango Malletheads team are like the best grass bike polo players ever (or at least in Colorado).  Then I saw him in a Raleigh Rush Hour ad in Urban Velo.  Now I hear that he makes clothes!

Well, I don’t know if Doom is going to be the alternative mountain biking messiah or anything, but I do know that he makes some killer Gore-tex vests.

Hopefully I can one day see for myself what the fuck is going on down in Durango.  But for now, I might just start saving up to get myself a custom vest, so I can represent out here on the Front Range.


Jussi From Finland

Jussi from Finland “curates” at least thirty-five blogs, posts something like twelve posts per day, and is probably single-handedly responsible for 1/3 of my blog’s total views.  In spite of this, Jussi (from what I can tell), seems to have a lot of fun and get in a ride every so often as well.

Here are a couple of his notable blogs:

Piste and Road

Fixed Gear Blog

The Life of Kriton

and Post Fixed Gear.

I’m still sort of confused by Jussi and the greater “HELLsinki” fixed-gear scene (probably because I don’t speak Finnish).  All I know is that I’m probably more popular in Finland than I am in the United States (though you’d never know it since Finnish people never comment).  And I owe my Finnish success to Jussi (again, I could be wrong since I can’t actually understand what anyone on the YKSIVAIHDE forums are saying…).

Oh well, thanks, Jussi and thank you Finland!

Bike Porn!

Bike Porn is sort of exactly what it sounds like and sort of not at all what it sounds like.  It’s a series of films, yes, involving bicycles, sexuality, humor, and naked people.  It is porno, sure, but more in the tradition of Seattle’s HUMP! amateur porno festival than that of either the kind of porno you jerk off to on the internet or the kind of tantalizing “bike porn” that people post on bike blogs.

When Rev Phil and his crew rolled into my undisclosed Northern Colorado Front Range college town, he had the showing at an undisclosed state university in an undisclosed classroom in an undisclosed building.  The showing was definitely not approved by the school, nor was the alcohol that everyone was drinking and spilling all over.  The movie included a lot of silly, semi-nude skits, some heavier segments, and finally an all-queer strapon fuckfest dénoutement that had more penetration than Specialized has in collegiate bicycle racing.

Finally Rev. Phil took the “stage” after the film to sing a butt-naked duet with an ample-bosomed assistant to the tune of “I’ve Had the Time of My Life” from Dirty Dancing.

I’ve… had… the porno of my li-i-iiife

And I owe it all to youuu per-verts

Here’s the trailer for the most recent film.

The good new for you is that if you live pretty much anywhere in North America, Bike Porn will be showing nearby at some point (especially if you email Rev. Phil and ask him to come).  Rev. Phil, on his most recent tour, showed his film in at least four cities in Colorado (including tiny MTB mecca Fruita).  Colorado hasn’t received than kind of coverage since the last Warren Miller flick.

Check out the Bikesmut blog to find out more, and to read some of Rev. Phil’s very prolific blogging and to find out more about the Bike Porn films.


Neil Bezdek

Neil Bezdek is the guy who went from being a New York bike messenger to a professional road racer in two seasons.  That’s a pretty amazing story, and probably an unspoken fantasy of most every bike messenger.

Kudos, Bezdek.  We will all be living vicariously through you (since most of us aren’t blessed by being freaks of nature and will have to spend two years getting a cat. 3 upgrade…).

Neil Bezdek has a blog, so you can follow him in his new life as a pro.  It might be sort of boring since it’s January, but it’ll be interesting to see how this all shakes out as the racing season gets underway.

Also, he’s from Colorado!


Well, that’s all for now, bikefags.  I hope you agree that this is a reasonable way of hollering at some homies without posting two-bit, three-sentences-and-a-picture posts every time someone “drops” a new anodized track hub.  I’ll proabbly do another round of these “shout outs” one day when I’m out of ideas.  Until then, stay tuned for the new cycling trend sweeping Colorado’s Eastern Plains: ditch riding!

4 Comments leave one →
  1. nooneline permalink
    January 27, 2010 1:16 am

    Bezdek is an old “teammate,” if being teammate counts when he rocketed up to Cat 1 and I was grinding my way through the 4’s. Not only does his story make for sweet blog entries and bits of journalism, but he’s also an exceptionally rad fellah. That’s our club’s jersey he’s sporting in that victory picture…

  2. Antti permalink
    January 28, 2010 1:39 pm

    A comment from Finland, thank you for the blog!

  3. January 31, 2010 10:40 pm

    You’re totally right. Bouré is great stuff, and affordable (damn you, Rapha!). Their iron clad guarantee just puts it over the top. Woolistic shorts? Yes, please.

  4. February 4, 2010 1:30 pm

    I’m truly flattered. You know I am.

    w/ Love from Finland!

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