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Nothing This Week

February 18, 2010

Nothing this week, fellow alternative cyclist.  I’m too busy writing an article complaining about a local ordinance that adds a surcharge (that drivers already had to pay) to cyclists’ moving violation tickets in my Undisclosed Northern Colorado Front Range College Town (which is BULLSHIT, MAAAAN!).

So in an attempt to keep you satisfied until next week – when I finally blow the lid off of the underground ditch-riding phenomenon – here’s a video of some bikefag barista attempting to make a rosetta while no-handedly track-standing a bike that bears an eerie resemblance to my old Purple Bike that I abandoned in a ditch.

Keep practicing, dude.  The World Barista Championship is only four months away!

Stay tuned ’til next week, alternative cyclist, when I’ll resume my regular in-depth coverage of the issues that help distinguish you from them.

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