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Sweeping It Under The Rug

February 22, 2010

Welcome to “Bike Fag.”

You’ve probably been linked here from BikesnobNYC.  In case you’re curious, a Bikesnob link generally nets about 3,000 hits in a day (as opposed to a normal day of maybe 200). Unfortunately, this link came at a bad time, as my latest post is simply a video of some douchebag bike hipster trying to make trackstand latte art.

Allow me to sweep that last post under the carpet and divert your judging eyes to better posts:

Hipster Road Biking

The Black Cloud

Next Fixed-Gear: The Quad-Ring

The Next Fixed-Gear: “Hucking”

The End of an Era, The End of a Bike

Enjoy, and keep riding in a fashion that distinguishes you from “mainstream cyclists!”

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